1. Corporate
    If you are looking for a creative, powerful and cost effective video for your business then look no further. Our team will work with yours to make sure we deliver the exact product you are looking for!
  2. Events
    If your event is worth organising then surely it is worth filming. We can cover almost any event, from presentations and concerts all the way to sports events! Our editing team will produce the video to your brief. Whether that be a highlight video to show off the best bits, or the event in full.
  3. Training Video
    Staff inductions, health and safety, recruitment, training and product demonstrations are all vital to your success. The most powerful way to convey a message to your staff is definitely through video.
  4. Weddings
    Do you want to be able to look back on the most amazing day of your life? We offer many different packages and options to make sure you get the exact video that you want to remember your special day.
  5. Advertising
    Video advertisement is the most effective form of advertising. If you are looking for promote a product or grow your brand then this option is for you. We will get you the results you are looking for.
  6. Music Video
    Have a great song that needs a creative and memorable video to go with it? Whether you are a solo artist or a band, get in touch to discuss your project as we love to work on music videos!
  7. Choreography
    With a background in the action genre and over 15 years experience in martial arts, we pride ourselves in our choreography of action. Specialising in designing hand to hand combat and weapon sequences.
  8. Pre-Visualisation
    If you are unsure how to shoot your scene and need help visualising it then this is for you. We can use our team and our facilities while working closely with you to deliver you an edited "Pre-Vis" of your scene. Making sure that you get the scene that you want. This is very popular with our choreography services.
  9. Directing
    Like our style? Do you have project that you need a passionate and creative director for? We have team of talented directors that bring true story telling passion to every project they are involved with.
  10. Cinematography
    Whether it be a feature film, a short film, a documentary, an advert or a music video, we are committed to making something epic. With a mix of our cinema cameras, lighting and talented camera operators we know you won't be disappointed with what we can produce.
  11. Documentary
    Documentaries can be fascinating and often even life changing. This means that our team takes working on them very seriously. If you have or know of a story that needs telling. Or if you are just looking for camera operators or editors for your documentary then contact us for details!
  12. Editing
    With over 10 years experience as freelance editors, our team are happy to edit any existing video content you may have. From a film or documentary, to the stuff from your holiday that you don't know what to do with! Get in touch to see how we can help.