Action Services
We offer the complete action package. Specialising in choreography and pre visualisation services. We also provide talent training, meaning if you are an actor that needs to physically tranform for a role, or even learn martial arts, we can help!

As well as all this, our amazing facilities can be hired for all different purposes, from rehearsals, choreography and training, to workshops and seminars. Please get in touch or check our VENUE HIRE page for more info!  


  1. Pre Visualisation
    If you are a director or a fight choreographer, stunt coordinator or even an actor that has an action scene planned, bring it to us and we can provide you with an example video of what would be the best way to shoot it.
  2. Choreography
    We have a great team of fight choreographers that can work with you to get you that great action scene you have been dreaming about! We recommend using our Pre-Vis services with this for best results.
  3. Action Directors
    With over 10 years combined experience in directing action, we can bring that experience to your own movies. No matter how small, don't hesitate to contact us!
  4. Talent Training
    If you are an actor that needs to get in shape for a role or perhaps learn some martial arts? Get in touch and we can help you out!
  5. Rehearsal Space
    Our amazing facilities are open to anyone to book to rehearse or practice whatever you may need. Open for stunt rehearsals, martial arts practice, acting rehearsals and anything else you can think of! With full access to all of our equipment such as our range of crash mats!
  6. Green Screen
    We have an industry standard 8mx3m green screen with lighting that is available to book for your own use! Subject to availability.
  7. Action Co-ordination
    If you need larger stunts co-ordinated (using stunt performers etc) Please contact us and we can help you out! It is not a service we provide ourselves.
  8. Photo Shoots
    Our Green screen area also has full plain black and plain white screens. Ideal for professional photos. Happy for other photographers to use it or we can supply our own. Get in touch for prices.